The Scientific Committee of the Congress «Radiology-2017»

On 27 September, meeting of the scientific Committee of the National Congress of ray diagnosticians and therapists «Radiology-2017» took place, wherein the members discussed the dates of the Congress and other key questions of the upcoming event.

The Organizing Committee decided to hold the Congress "Radiology-2017" on 23-25 of May 2017 at the international exhibition center “Crocus Expo”. According to the meeting resolution, there were accepted the following items:

  • Holding of the school-conference "Russia meets with Serbia" on the first day of the Congress (23th of May), at the meeting immediately after the Opening ceremony. The theme of the meeting "X-Ray methods of diagnosis of heart disease".
  • To extend the sessions on x-ray diagnostics in traumatology and orthopedics. To accept the offer of Professor Sajid Butt (Scientific consultant of the Royal National orthopaedic hospital, London, United Kingdom) on conducting multidisciplinary schools on new technologies in radiodiagnostics in traumatology and orthopedics.
  • The proposal of Professor Miloslav Rochek (the Head of the European training course in radiology for young specialists (PETRA), Prague, Czech Republic) about holding the school, devoted to minimally invasive treatment of deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities.

The persons (A. I. Huss and G. V. Bychenko), responsible for preparation of a proposal to hold the school for x-ray diagnostics of diseases of the female reproductive system, were assigned at the meeting.

The next meeting of the scientific Committee’s scheduled for November 15.