Cost of participation

General registration payment Cost, including 18% VAT
Early Fee (before 21 December, 2016) 1500
Middle Fee (from 22 December, 2016 to 21 February, 2017) 3000
Late Fee (after 22 February, 2017 to 11 May 2017 and cash at the Congress) 4500
Single Day Fee (without Briefcase for a delegate, without certificate) 2000
Aspirants and ordinators (without briefcase, with sertificate without NMO) 500
Roentgenographer (required to present Certificate of radiology, or a letter from the administration of the medical institution confirming work in the X-ray MRI cabinet)* 500
For speakers and chairmen free of charge
For students of medical institutes (without briefcase and sertificate) free of charge


For registration send a message to