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Professor Yu.N. Sokolov personalized badge of honor

Acceptance of candidates is completed on April 10, 2021


  1. Professor Yu.N. Sokolov personalized badge of honor (hereinafter referred to as the Badge of Honor) is an award given to distinguished scientists, teachers of departments, and specialists in the field of radiation diagnostics. The Badge of Honor is awarded to high-level professionals in the field of radiation diagnostics, who founded scientific and pedagogical schools, published fundamental research papers, which made a significant contribution to improving the pedagogical and medical-diagnostic process.
  2. The Badge of Honor is awarded at the closing plenary meeting “Radiology” of the Russian National Congress of X-Ray Diagnosticians and Physicians.
  3. The Badge of Honor is a 20 mm silver circle, in the center of which is a profile of Professor Yu.N. Sokolov, a well-known Russian radiologist, former head of the department of radiology (radiation diagnostics and therapy) of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Sechenov University), For almost 20 years headed the Department of Radiology of the Central Order of Lenin Institute for Advanced Medical Studies (COLIAMS). Above the profile, archwise, there is the inscription “Yu.N. Sokolov”, the inscription “Moscow” below.
  4. Decisions on awarding the Badge of Honor are made by the expert commission on the Badge of Honor consisting of: Chairman: S.K. Ternovoy, RAS Member
  5. Commission members:
    • N.F. Beresten, Professor
    • B.I. Dolgushin, RAS Member
    • G.G. Karmazanovsky, Professor
    • L.S. Kokov, RAS Member
    • S.A. Kondrashin, Professor
    • I.M. Koroleva, Professor
    • V.V. Mitkov, Professor
    • V.E. Sinitsyn, Professor
    • D.K. Fomin, Professor
    • A.I. Shechter, Professor

    Executive Secretary:

    • I.V. Bodrova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
    Candidate information should be sent by fax: (495) 248-75-07 or email:
  6. When awarded with the Badge of Honor, a medal and a certificate of honor are issued.
  7. The expert commission at its meetings annually considers nominations submitted for awarding and awards the Badge of Honor.
  8. The expert commission is authorized to make decisions on the award of the Badge of Honor if more than half of its payroll is present at the meeting. A decision shall be considered adopted if it receives more than two-thirds of the votes of the members of the commission present.
  9. The expert commission makes decisions on rewarding by secret or open ballot (as agreed). Persons selected by the Commission are included in the ballot as candidates.
  10. Voting is held for all candidates. A member of the expert commission has the right to vote only for one candidate entered on the ballot or put to an open vote.
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