Registration to the XV Anniversary Russian national congress of radiology "Radiology-2021" / eng


Cost of participation

General registration payment Cost (RUB), including VAT
Early Fee (before 11 January, 2021) 3 000
Middle Fee (from 12 January, 2021 to 02 March, 2021) 4 500
Late Fee (from 03 March, 2021 to 17 May, 2021) 5 500
Registration Fee 7 000
Extended Early Fee (before 11 January, 2021) 6 000
Extended Middle Fee (from 12 January, 2021 to 02 March, 2021) 7 500
Extended Late Fee (from 03 March, 2021 to 17 May, 2021) 8 500
Single Day Fee (without Briefcase for a delegate, without certificate) 3 000
Aspirants and Residents (without briefcase, with sertificate without NMO)* 600
Publishing an additional abstract or poster 600
For speakers and chairmen free of charge
For students of medical institutes (without briefcase and sertificate)* free of charge

All prices include VAT.

* Benefits for aspirants, residents and students are valid if you present the relevant document (student, graduate student certificate or certificate). License or certificate can be downloaded through your personal account.

If a scan of the document is not submitted, the original document will need to be presented at registration at the event.
Persons who have not submitted the document will have to pay the full registration fee.

You can refuse to participate and return the registration fee no later than 7 working days before the start of the event.

Refusal notification must be sent strictly in writing to

In the event that a notice of cancellation is sent 6 working days before the event and later, the registration fee is not refundable

Registration fee includes:

The extended registration fee additionally includes lunch all 3 days.

For registration send a message to

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